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Do You Relish the Company of Stylish Hot Female Divas? Come to Us and Enjoy a Premium Bangalore Escort Service That Will Be Personalized and Memorable. We Have a Team of Beautiful Bangalore Escorts and Courtesans to Serve Your Sensual Needs.

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With my discreet independent VIP Bangalore escorts ready to cater to your sensual needs, you are bound to have a nice time in this part of the country. I am Divya Goal and my team of independent escorts in Bangalore has been at the forefront of serving the sensual needs of the local community with pride. Whether you are in Bangalore for business or pleasure, you can select the perfect escort for any occasion.

Spend some time with the girls and you are sure to enjoy a unique experience. Has the workload or corporate stress been excessive? Look to unwind and relax in the company of the call girls in Bangalore. The divas will cater to your erotic sensations and can also address your emotional needs. Modern-day escort services are also about spending time with you and caring for your emotions.


I have a team of 60 model independent escorts in Bangalore who are eager to expose you to the finer things of life. Among these girls, there are 43 verified escorts and 17 VIP escorts. Look forward to unmatched discrete services and my girls will do everything to make your night special.

As a team of independent Bangalore escorts, we service our clients in the most prominent locations in this city. Indiranagar, Koramangala & UB City, and Hebbal are some of the areas, where we have been offering our services to esteemed clients. My girls are ready to visit any part of Bangalore to serve your sensual needs.


My team of independent escorts in Bangalore are passionate about their work. They can spice up the moments in the bedroom with a unique range of services. From passionate lovemaking to catering to your bodily erogenous zones, the divas offering female escort services in Bangalore can do everything and will leave you immensely satisfied.

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I have just the type of escort girls that you would need for your erotic pleasures. The girls are charming & delightful and can understand the needs of a demanding guy. You can pick from a range of Indian escort girls in Bangalore segments based on skin & age and hair color. Scroll through these profiles and pick from cute students to busty hot MILFs. You can pick housewives & VIP models and celebrity escorts in Bangalore.

Did you know that my portfolio also boasts of lesbian escorts in Bangalore? This is a popular segment among women who need sensuality, but at the same time would desire to stay clear of men for any reason. Our lesbian girls will do everything and when it comes to offering penetration pleasures, they will use toys to create an erotic sensation.

You can also choose your companion based on location, service, and more. What's more, you can look beyond the Indian girls and pick from the Russian escorts in Bangalore for yourself. The bombshells are ready to offer you an intimidating experience and you will love every moment of the date. Start with some nudes and dirt talk with the girls and then they will create a level of intensity with passionate erotic services.


I also offer escorts service Bangalore for special occasions. You are welcome to celebrate New Year's & Valentine's with the girls. Is your birthday around the corner? On that special day, you may desire to spend the evening with a beautiful lady. You can plan to hit the dance floor with her or perhaps enjoy a cozy candle-lit dinner. If you are unable to find a companion, our girls can fill this void.

You can forget your concerns and enjoy yourself with the beauty in your arms. Our girls are caring & compassionate and will offer complete value for your money. You are bound to get ultimate erotic satisfaction with the VIP Bangalore escorts.


Plenty of you would have the desire to enjoy with a Bangalore escort girl, but there are a few hiccups. You would be unable to identify an adult service provider yourself. We live in a conservative society and the girl will have to face social stigma if her profession comes into the public domain. You would be unable to identify a service provider even if you interact with her on some other platform.

This is precisely, where you will need my help. These girls need escort jobs and rely on my network and marketing to build their careers. The independent escorts in Bangalore are in touch with me and this should spare you from the hassles of scouting for these girls at the street corners. Here are some reasons why you would only desire to use my services.

I can offer you female escorts in Bangalore 24/7. Your erotic cravings can arise any moment and even if you need escort services at midnight, my team will respond to your call. We have some special girls who can respond to your call within half an hour. They can beat the traffic to attend your erotic needs.

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My call girls in Bangalore are friendly and customer satisfaction has always been our priority. We will treat you like a king and the girls will submit to every request you make. Our girls are reliable; if you book an outcall, they will come to your place dressed properly. When they are at your place, they will not touch any of our belongings.

I can lead you to celebrity escorts in Bangalore and no wonder the guys are excited. In this segment, you can look forward to enjoying yourself with the movie stars. You can seduce various girls ranging from the Sandalwood girls, Tamil actresses & Bhojpuri starlets, and even Bollywood divas.

I have a passionate team of girls who are committed to addressing your sensual needs professionally and discreetly. You are welcome to use my service and the independent Bangalore escorts in my team are waiting to meet you.

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Let us now discuss the process you need to follow in the quest to choose your independent escort services in Bangalore. As an adult service seeker, you must not randomly pick any girl and rather look to take your time. It is not every day that you enjoy adult services so you must choose wisely. Here are the steps you need to follow.

You can visit the individual profiles and learn about the female escorts in Bangalore. You can take a look at facial beauty & body measurements and the services she offers. Do also take a look at her quotes because, at the end of the date, you will have to pay her.

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Where do you want to enjoy the service? This is the second thing you need to be clear on the verge of enjoying yourself with our independent VIP Bangalore escorts. You could invite her to any private residence or hotel in Bangalore. If you cannot allocate some space, there is always the scope to visit the service provider's location. My girls will play hosts to you.

Once you are clear about the girl and the location of the date, you can convey it to me. I will coordinate with the girl and fix up your date, If she is busy, you might have to allocate another day, and if the diva has no assignments, I will put you in touch with her quickly. The diva will meet you as per the schedule and at your allocated place. You can now look forward to enjoying yourself with her.


The rules of the game are slightly different when you are booking with our celebrity Bangalore escorts. This is the segment, where you can enjoy yourself seducing the famous girls. The movie stars will be in your bed and doing everything to satisfy your deep sensual urge. Because these girls are famous, I have not uploaded all the photos and you are welcome to speak to me about such desires. Here are certain things to remember as you plan to book with these divas.

You need to maintain complete secrecy because these Bangalore escorts are famous girls and they would be eager to avoid scandals. Are you excited at the prospect of getting to seduce these girls? I would prefer that you stay calm & quiet and not speak about the date to anyone.

There is money spending to incur as you plan to seduce the celebrity escorts in Bangalore. They quote more than the normal models because of their successful careers in front of the camera. Moreover, due to their fame, they would not want to enter a locality and you would have to book rooms in a five-star hotel. You might also have to pay some advance money to book with these girls.

These are the things to remember as you plan to seduce these girls, and I will be guiding you at every stage. So, if you have the desire to enjoy yourself with Bangalore celebrity escorts, I can turn your dreams into a reality. You can seduce Sandalwood & Bhojpuri, Telugu, and even the Tamil stars. There is also the scope to seduce Bollywood divas.

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The Independent escorts in Bangalore can be your guide to the world of erotic pleasures. Did you know that for the best erotic experience, you must take the best stance? There are plenty of trending positions for having sex and you must choose something according to your specifications. Here are some of the popular themes.

Are you eager for deep penetration and desire to enjoy the ultimate pleasures? The doggy style will help you to achieve the objective. It is a position, where the escort girl will have her head down and bump up. You could be on your knees or the edge of the bed. You can work from behind and penetrate her anal. This is the position to seduce A-level escorts in Bangalore.

Guys who intend to experience some G-spot stimulation are welcome to try The Plough, which is latest trending position with the Sexy Bangalore escorts. In this position, the escort will lie on her back and lift her legs. The girl will bring her knees to her chest. You can enter from behind and take support from hands and knees whenever necessary. I admit it is a challenging sex position, but the results can be explosive. Come on try it out, and the girl you choose for yourself will guide you through the motions.

The Wheelbarrow is a popular position for people who intend to both give and receive. However, this is a position that will require some strength from you. This position can be pleasurable and the Bangalore escort girl should lean on the edge of the bed or table. You should be standing behind her and should be holding her legs. You can now enter from behind and enjoy the pleasures of deep penetration. Are you eager to enjoy the pleasures of clitoral stimulation? This is the position to explore and the angle created can lead to intense stimulation for both of you.

The independent escort girls in Bangalore also love to be in dominating positions and if you are eager to let the girl dominate, The Amazon is the theme to try out. This position is pleasurable and the girl will take control. You can lie on your back and the lady will face your feet and straddle you. She will then be leaning forward with the support of her hands and this should allow you to enter. It allows the escort girl to control the pace and depth of penetration.

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The crab is another sex position you can try out with the independent Escorts in Bangalore. It gives immense pleasure but there are execution challenges and it is not for the faint-hearted. However, with an experienced Bangalore escort ready to guide you through the motions, it should be easy. The escort will lie on her back and lift her legs. She could rest her legs on your shoulder.

You will now have to lean forward after taking support from your hands. Your legs should be stretched out from behind. It can get challenging to get into this position, but if you can manage it, the results should be intimidating. This position is excellent if you intend to enjoy deep penetration pleasures.

These are some popular ways you can take a stance in the bedroom and with the Bangalore escort services helping you through the motions, it should be nice. You can try out anything from anal to vagina penetration and it should be a nice experience. My girls will also go through the motions unrushed and teach you on ways to avoid premature ejaculations.


Are you feeling exhausted for any reason? Stress and exhaustion are a part of life and my independent call girls in Bangalore can offer a meaningful solution in the form of a nice erotic massage. The massage helps to create a better mood and can help you to spice up things in the bedroom. Here are some types of erotic massages my girls can perform.

The Tantra massage is for self-care and it helps to develop a deeper relationship with the partner. This massage therapy takes a holistic approach and should help you to focus on your physical sensations. This type of massage helps to achieve orgasm. You can also try out the dark tantra and it will have elements of the BDSM. There will be some use of blindfolds & bondages to spice up things. You can also demand a lingam massage from my elite Bangalore escorts. This type of massage theme shares similarities with the tantra, but this one is a bit more focused. For the tantra, the service provider will be playing around with your body, but here all the effort will be on your penis. The massage escort will work on your shaft & testicles and prostate.

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She could follow your natural curves and gently awaken your senses. This type of massage is often used as an incredible foreplay before the erotic fun in bed. Our female clients can look forward to a yoni massage from the escorts in Bangalore. In this therapy, the girl will gently rub your hips & inner thigh and the vulva. The purpose is to help you to relax and fine-tune your sensations.

You can try out more ranging from the Nuru massage to the foam therapy. The objective of the session is to help you relax and enhance your libido. Look to lie on the table and allow my Bangalore escorts to work on your body. You are bound to enjoy as the girls go through the motions and apply the strokes. They will apply the best oil ingredient and help you to relax.

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Do you envy your friends who have beautiful girlfriends? They could be arriving at the parties with divas in their arms and that is when you feel left out. Some of my Bangalore escorts and ready to be your girlfriend. Yes, without the hassles, of courtship, it is possible to display a girlfriend to everyone, and this is better. This is a service that is devoid of nagging that original wives and girlfriends often resort to. However, you can always look forward to hot passionate kissing from the divas.

Beyond the party circuit, there is always the scope to go out sightseeing with the girl as your companion. Are you holidaying in Bangalore today? You would perhaps want to go sightseeing, but alone, you would aimlessly wander around the place, wasting time. This will not happen if any of my Bangalore escorts are your companions. Being a local, the girl can also tell about restaurants where you can have mouth-watering food.

This is a role-play from my independent Bangalore call girls, but you can expect some intensity from the service provider. Both of you can get to know each other and such interactions help when you will be seducing her in bed later on. So look forward to some deep lovemaking with my girls and they will cater to your emotional needs in every possible way.


Adult entertainment as a profession is constantly evolving and my independent Bangalore escorts have been constantly upgrading their services to meet client expectations. There is more to expect from the girls than just enjoying in bed and receiving sensual massages. Here is the fine print for readers.

Did you know there is a scope to give and receive orals at the same time? This could sound surprising but is very much a reality with the inclusion of the 69 themes. Go through the motions in the company of a hot beauty and you are bound to enjoy the experience to the hilt. Beyond the CIM, this is a trending way to enjoy orals.

You can look forward to role-plays from our independent Bangalore escorts. An escort enacting a role that you love can add the necessary spice to your otherwise boring bedroom routine. You can try out anything from a boss and secretary to a kidnapper and victim. Being the client, you have the liberty to choose your role, and the diva will play the opposite. There is also the scope to reverse roles and despite some domination at play here, it will be light.


I have on board with me just the escort Bangalore divas who will leave you wanting more. We are a team of girls who are committed to offering quality and affordable adult entertainment to the community here. Here are some reasons why my girls are the best in their profession.

My girls have the best facial and body features and can give any of the escorts in Bangalore stiff competition. The girls have beautiful faces with slim-toned curvy bodies and that should keep you interested. You would want to spend time with such a girl. The other factor to note is that the divas are constantly working on their bodies & facial features so that they look beautiful. They take the occasional facial massage & avoid junk food so that they continue to look attractive.

My Bangalore escorts are trained and can cater to the sensual needs of a demanding guy. They are quick to understand your needs and can adjust their services according to your specifications. The girls can make your life hot with a range of erotic services and can also be caring and compassionate whenever necessary.

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Are you of the opinion that you could only enjoy erotic pleasures from Bangalore escort girls? My independent call girls in Bangalore can offer more than just tickle your erotic sensations. Did you know that Bangalore escorts can help you to handle boredom? Here are some ways they can be by your side whenever you are alone

The girls can come over to your apartment home and spend time with you. Are you a widower or a recent divorcee? You could often feel bored because there is no one to talk to. My Bangalore escorts can visit your place to spend the day with you. It should be nice to spend the day with a hot and intelligent girl.

The escorts in Bangalore can also be your shopping companions. Do you desire to visit Garuda Mall on a shopping spree? If you intend to buy something for a female member of the family, the girls can offer valuable input. They will understand her preferences better than you.

My Bangalore call girls can also accompany you to dinner dates and the social circuit. To enjoy the nightlife, you need a companion by your side, and my girl can fill this void. They will behave just the way you desire on the social circuit and it should be a memorable experience. You can hit the dance floor with the girl and then enjoy a cozy dinner together.

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Have you fallen in love with the Bangalore escorts? You would love the company of the girls, but unfortunately, whenever you are outstation for business, the adult entertainment routine takes a hit. In this era of easily accessible WhatsApp chats, you can engage in some dirt talk with our girls. The ladies are talented and even in long-distance hot talk; they can help you to achieve erotic stimuli.

Such dirty talks are also a part of foreplay before you jump into bed with the girl. They help to build intensity before the moment, you seduce her in bed. Hot and carefully drafted chats have become an integral part of modern adult services and our girls have mastered this art to perfection. They will mesmerize you with hot chats and you will be desperate to meet them.


As a team of independent Bangalore escorts, we have always stressed customer satisfaction. Our girls have been focused on offering their services according to client specifications. We will quickly understand your needs and make adjustments to the service accordingly. We offer professional and discreet services to our esteemed clients.

Whenever you call us for an outcall date, my Bangalore call girls will be in proper dress, when they are walking in. All the girls are elite & sophisticated and no one will get a hint of the things that should unfold. Any form of nudity will be strictly confined to the indoors and that should not bother you much. After the service, once you pay her the cash, the girl will leave and no one from my end will speak about the date in the public domain. You can get on with normal life and we will not disturb you.

Some Facts About Our Escort Service

  • The guys looking for Bangalore escorts have multiple options and perhaps you can scout for these girls in the Majestic underpass. However, there are risks involved in searching for these girls at the street corners and you are better off scouting for these divas online.

  • Yes, our independent escorts in Bangalore are professional and discreet. On completion of the date, you pay her the money and she will leave. Nobody from our end will ever speak about the date in the public domain. You can continue with life and no one will disturb you.

  • This is a tricky question because plenty of Bangalore escorts lay claim to this title. The answer to this question will depend on the specific service, you need. An escort may offer you the best erotic fun in bed but could fall behind in offering the sensual massage. So, you can convey to us your needs and we will set up your date with the best girl accordingly.

  • The quotes will vary from girl to girl and a host of other factors. It will also depend on the duration of the hire and the services you seek from Bangalore escorts. The minimum quote for any girl is 20,000 INR, and you will find it is cheap in comparison to other service providers.

  • We conduct a thorough screening process before; we take on board, any of the Bangalore escorts. We are equally concerned about your safety and will take every step to keep the bad elements at bay. Our girls will come over to your place and treat you like a king. You can book with your girl’s outcall and they will not touch your valuable possessions.

  • With the internet offering loads of information, it should not be a problem for you to scout for independent Bangalore escorts. You will get abundant choices and can pick a girl based on her age & skin and hair color. You can also choose a girl based on her services.

  • To apply for escort jobs in Bangalore, you will have to meet the minimum age criterion of 18 years. Only then you will be eligible to work as an independent Bangalore escort. Girls above this minimum age limit can use our online portal for marketing support. You can fill up an online form mentioning your details and we will get in touch with you.

  • You are welcome to embark on a career as an independent Bangalore escort with us. We are responsible for your safety and screen clients before sending you to assignments. We will protect you from rouge clients and will make sure you have a safe career.

  • Yes, our girls are caring and cater to the needs of disabled clients. Plenty of disabled people call us to receive sensual massages and our girls happily serve them. So, if you have some disabilities do not hesitate to use our services.

  • Some of our independent Bangalore escorts are skeptical about showing their images to the person browsing online and we understand considering, we live in a conservative society. However, we can put you in touch with the girl, whenever you desire, and they are beautiful.