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Submit Your Application for an Escort Job Vacancy With Us and Earn Lucrative Money

Are you searching for an escorts job vacancy only for female? You are welcome to associate with us and we will help you to build your career. At Divya Goal, we present the best platform for girls scouting the web for escorts job vacancy only for female. This is a lucrative career option you can consider and plenty of girls who are based in Bangalore today are associated with us.

Benefits of Working as an Escort

Why would I work as an escort? As a girl, you could have this question at the back of your mind, and surely, there are other career options. We would like to state that there are many benefits to enjoy by working as an escort. Here are the details for readers in brief.

  • Higher-income Prospects: The earnings prospects are significantly higher for a girl working as an escort than any other profession. The Bangalore escorts earn a lot more money than a girl who is perhaps doing a ten-six job.
  • Flexible Working Hours: The profession of an escort offers you the benefits of flexible working hours. You could always refuse an assignment if you have commitments elsewhere.
  • Rub Shoulders with the Rich and Famous: Only in this profession, you can rub shoulders with the rich and famous. Your clients would be politicians, film stars, and businessmen. This way you can develop contacts and at a later stage, these acquaintances could come in handy.
  • Offshore Trips: These days escort services go beyond offering erotic fun in bed. If you offer the services of a travel companion, there is scope to undertake overseas trips at the expense of the client.
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Understand Our Role

Why should I apply for a job vacancy for female with you? This could be your question and here is a brief guide on what we can do for you. Here are the details for readers in brief.

  • We will take up the marketing challenges on your behalf. It can be a problem for any young girl to market herself. Society will not look upon you in high esteem and that is where the challenges are. The moment you come on board with us, you are welcome to use our platform. We have a popular website, where we will dedicate a page solely to you. This way you will come into the focus of adult service seekers and it should be easy to get the job assignments.
  • We will also screen the clients before assigning you the jobs. The presence of rouge clients is always a concern and the experience could be bad if you fall into such a company. We will make sure that it will not happen.
  • We will do everything necessary to make your career as an escort flourish. As an agency, we will be responsible for giving you the perfect launch pad.

The Eligibility Criterion

We have an eligibility criterion for girls in search of an escorts job vacancy and you need to go through this segment before applying. Here are the details for interested readers.

  • You must be based in Bangalore city.
  • The minimum age criterion is 18 years and above. We will only welcome on-board girls who meet this minimum age criterion.
  • You must have good facial looks because this is what men are searching for when they book Bangalore escorts.
  • Are you comfortable in the company of men? Only if this is your comfort zone, we will welcome you on board.
  • We will also be eager to know the languages you speak. You will need to communicate with clients and for that, it is important to fluently speak Hindi and English. It would be the icing on the cake if you could speak the local Kannada language.
  • You must be a confident girl.

This is our eligibility criterion and we will only take candidates who fulfill these requirements.

Recruitment Process

Let us now take a look at the recruitment process you need to go through in the quest to become an escort. You need to fill up this form on the website and mention specific details about yourself. Here is the fine print for interested readers.

  • Your name!
  • Tell us about your background and nationality!
  • Submit Xerox copies of your educational qualifications!
  • The service you would like to offer!
  • You would have to submit Xerox copies of your identity card such as the Aadhar card!

We are Waiting to Hear from You

So, if you are an ambitious girl and eager to earn big money, you are welcome to start a career working as an escort. We will provide you with all the marketing support so that you can flourish. So be quick and we are waiting to hear from you.

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How much can I earn working as an escort?

It will depend on your commitment to your job. Girls are earning the big bucks by associating with us.

What happens if I refuse an assignment?

There should be no issues and we understand you could have prior commitments. We will call up whenever the next client approaches us.

Do you have jobs for slightly older women?

You can work as a MILF or perhaps master the technique of offering sensual massages.