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Get to Meet Our 69 Escorts and Learn about Orals in their Mutual Form

The trend amongst adult service seekers in Bangalore is to explore the varied erotic positions, and the popular theme is 69. No wonder plenty of the guys are inquiring on our helpline for 69 escorts in Bangalore. Do you love oral sex? This is a popular erotic theme and if you intend to experience the best of such fun, the 69 theme is just incomparable. The 69 escorts will teach you about mutual orals and no wonder the guys love to meet these girls.

We are Divya Goal and are your reliable service provider for Bangalore escorts. It would be tough for you to search for escorts because this industry operates in secret mode and no one discusses it in the public domain. So, this is where we step in to help you out. Let us now discuss the 69 call girls in Bangalore, and these ladies are in demand.

About the 69 Position

Before you book a date with the Bangalore 69 escorts, it is important to know about this type of erotic fun. The term 69 is an erotic position that should pave the way for two participants to align themselves. It is a unique position because your mouth will be near the partner's genitals, and it will also be vice-versa. Any third person who gets to see you and the escort performing the act will feel that both of you are mutually inverted like 6 & 9. So, this is from where the theme derives its name.

A Special Bedroom Move

This is how you will describe the experience after a session with our Bangalore 69 call girls. This position does take some bit of coordination and plenty of confidence from your end. However, there is nothing to worry about, because the girl will assist you at every stage, and you will come out with flying colors. As you go through the motions with our girl guiding you at every stage, you are bound to find the effort worth it.

Benefits of this Position

Let us understand the benefits of this position as you are on the verge of going through the motions with our 69 escorts. Here are the details for interested readers.

  • It is a tough position to master, but once you have overcome the initial challenges, you can expect better coordination. It also helps to improve trust and understanding between you and the girl. The position helps to spice up things in the bedroom.
  • It is a time-saving act in the bedroom because you and the girl need not take turns to perform orals.
  • This position also helps to keep the hassles of pregnancies at bay and you have nothing to worry about.

Things to Remember for a Smooth Session

This is a tough position and for ultimate pleasures, you need flawless execution. You need to make sure that one partner does not climax before the other. So, there are some things to remember as you plan to enjoy this type of adult entertainment.

  • You need to choose your partner carefully from Bangalore 69 escorts. Both partners performing the act should be compatible in terms of weight and height.
  • You should also ensure that the position is not suffocating for you.

Should you Book with the Girls or Not?

We would say there is no harm in trying it out. Our 69 sex position escorts in Bangalore are experienced and they will guide you through the motions. You are bound to enjoy the session and we are confident you will be making repeat bookings. So in the company of our girls, you can expose yourself to this famous erotic position.


What is the other option if you are finding the traditional 69 tough?

You can try out the horizontal 69 and that should be easier.

Is this position easier to stimulate orgasms?

Yes, experts agree that this position makes it easier to achieve the objective.

How much do your girls quote for the session?

This will vary according to the independent service provider.