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Get Insights into the Lingam Massage Theme from Elite Bangalore Escorts. The Massage Will Be Concentrated on Your Penis.

Contract Beautiful Bangalore Telephone Girls for Pleasure

Know Everything About the Lingam Massage Theme

A comprehensive guide to the lingam massage from Bangalore Escorts!

The Bangalore escorts can offer varied sensual massages and the guys love it. No wonder we at Divya Goal get plenty of requests for sensual massage from the guys and the popular theme is the lingam massage. To those of you who have some idea of tantra sex, this massage concept can sound familiar. Let us talk more about the lingam massage and its objective. 

What Precisely is This Massage?

You can look forward to this massage from the escorts in Bangalore; you will feel similarities with the tantric massage. The only difference is that here the service provider will focus on the male genitalia. The massage generates an erotic feeling, but the objective is to arouse a connection between the recipient and the giver while focusing on erogenous zones. 

The Focus Areas for the Lingam Massage

The term lingam is a Sanskrit word which means penis. Hence, the service provider will massage your penis and the areas around it. The girl could be working around your testicles and the area between the anus and the scrotum. Do you need a massage on your prostate? There is scope to experience such pleasures within the ambit of a lingam massage. The objective of the massage is to offer you complete sensual and spiritual pleasure. 

Select the Oil

The proper selection of oil can be an important factor as you plan to enjoy the lingam massage. This is where you will not have much of an idea and can rely on the expertise of the Bangalore escorts. The objective will be to choose an oil ingredient that will help to reduce friction and rather look to increase sensation. As you explore the range of oils, you come to know of variations with or without fragrances. 

There are abundant choices but for a lingam massage, it would be perfect to use scented oil. That would help to create both awareness and arousal. Is your skin sensitive? You should therefore go for natural oils. In this segment, you could insist on anything from coconut & olive to almond oil. 

Into the Massage

So, now you can lie down on the table and let the girl offering Bangalore escorts services start your lingam massage session. She could start a bit slowly and focus on your peripheral zones such as the lower abdomen and upper & lower thighs. The girl will be moving her hands slowly and deeply working on the skin. You will have to tell the girl about your erogenous zones and she will be working on these spots to create the utmost sensual feeling. 

Slowly, the girl will be working her way up and focussing on more sensitive areas. She could work on your testicles & perineum and you will enjoy these moments. While massaging the penis shaft, she will be making gentle stroking motions and that should be wonderful. As the mood builds up, she could move inside and work on your prostate. A sensual lingam massage can be a nice experience even after orgasms have been reached and you will savour the experience for a life time.